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Tez Setup

So after learning about Tez in the previous blog, we are here to set up Apache Tez onto Hive so that our queries run more easily and efficiently.


• Apache Hadoop-3.3.1 with Yarn.
• Maven 3
• Protocol Buffers 2.5 or later
• Hive-3.1.2 release

STEP 1: Installing Tez 

$ wget
# Download the source files for Tez
$ tar xzf apache-tez-0.9.2-bin.tar.gz
# Extracting the source files
$ cd apache-tez-0.9.2-bin/conf
# Changing to the directory's conf folder

STEP 2: Create the tez-site.xml file

Now, we need to create a new tez-site.xml file with the below properties

Tez-site config

STEP 3: Modifying .bashrc file 

Adding all the Tez configurations in .bashrc file

export TEZ_HOME="apache-tez-0.9.2-bin/"

export TEZ_CONF_DIR="$TEZ_HOME/conf"


if [ -z "$HIVE_AUX_JARS_PATH" ]; then






# Adding this to the .bashrc file

$ source ~/.bashrc # Apply the changes by this command

STEP 4: Modifying POM.xml 

Change hadoop version to <hadoop.version>3.3.1</hadoop.version>

STEP 5: Modifying mapred-site.xml

Change from yarn to yarn-tez. Restart the Hadoop cluster to update the settings.

STEP 6: Build binary tar ball 

$ mvn clean package -DskipTests=true -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true
# Building Binary Tar Ball

When the build is successful, we move the tez-0.9.2-full.tar.gz to our Tez directory and extract it there.

STEP 7: Copying Jar files in HDFS 

$ hadoop fs -mkdir /apache-tez-0.9.2/
$ export TEZ_HOME='apache-tez-0.9.2-bin/'
$ hadoop fs -put $TEZ_HOME/* /apps/apache-tez-0.9.2/
# Copying the relevant jar files onto HDFS directory

STEP 8: Copying the relevant files 

$ hdfs dfs -mkdir /user
# Make a new directory “user”
$ hdfs dfs -mkdir /user/tez
$ hdfs dfs -chmod g+w /user/tez
$ cd $TEZ_HOME
# Moving to the tez home directory
$ hdfs dfs -put * /user/tez
$ hadoop fs -put $HIVE_HOME/lib/hive-exec-3.1.2.jar /user/tez
# Copying hive-exec-0.9.2.jar file from $HIVE_HOME/lib directory 
into HDFS directory specified in tez.lib.uris property in tez-site.xml file

STEP 9: Integrating Tez on Hive 

To run a query on Tez engine, we need whether to set hive.execution.engine=tez; each time for hive session or change this value permanently in hive-site.xml

hive> set hive.execution.engine=tez; # Setting hive execution engine to tez

Or you can permanently change the value in hive-site.xml by changing:





Tez running


So in this way, you can easily set up tez onto the Hadoop cluster without any hectic procedures.

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