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How To Send Email Using Gmail In C#

After Google introduced a Two-step verification system in Google Accounts, it's not easy to use Gmail for your own personal usage so to solve this problem, I figured out the way to use Gmail as an email medium to send emails using C#. Now, we will see how we can do this in some short steps.

Step 1: Write C# code for Email Service

Open your Visual Studio, Below is the C# code for the email service, now you have to replace "Sender Email", "Reciever Email", "Email Subject", and "Email Body". Lastly, we have to retrieve the Google app password.

using System;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Mail;

namespace EmailApp
    internal class Program
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            String SendMailFrom = "Sender Email";
            String SendMailTo = "Reciever Email";
            String SendMailSubject = "Email Subject";
            String SendMailBody = "Email Body";

                SmtpClient SmtpServer = new SmtpClient("",587);
                SmtpServer.DeliveryMethod = SmtpDeliveryMethod.Network;
                MailMessage email = new MailMessage();
                // START
                email.From = new MailAddress(SendMailFrom);
                email.Subject = SendMailSubject;
                email.Body = SendMailBody;
                SmtpServer.Timeout = 5000;
                SmtpServer.EnableSsl = true;
                SmtpServer.UseDefaultCredentials = false;
                SmtpServer.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(SendMailFrom, "Google App Password");

                Console.WriteLine("Email Successfully Sent");
            catch (Exception ex)


Step 2: Create an app password

Firstly, make sure that your two-step verification is on. Now, go to the "Manage your Google Account", then click the "Security" tab.

Google App Password

Now, click the App passwords option. Finally, you can select a Custom name for your app.

An automated password will be created for you, copy that and paste it into your C# code. Make sure you save this password with you, because it will disappear, you have to then recreate this app password again.


This is the safest method to use Gmail as your email service, try it and comment if you get it working.👍



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