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4 Reasons Why You'll Love Turbopack

Vercel just introduced Turbopack, a Rust-based successor to Webpack at Next.js Conference 2022. Vercel was trying to improve the speed and reliability of the next.js app creation and it proved successful when they shifted from JavaScript to the Rust language.


Tobias Koppers, Creator of Webpack, led the building of the open-source high-performance web’s next-generation bundler and released the alpha version yesterday 25th October 2022.

Now, let's look at the 4 main reasons why Turbopack is faster than Webpack.

Webpack Features

💠 10x faster than Vite and 700x faster than Webpack

Turbopack is based on a revolutionary incremental design that allows for speedier development. It focuses on leveraging caches to ensure that the same job is never done twice. Functions will not be re-run unless their inputs have changed when the application is restarted. Because of its granular architecture, your software can bypass enormous quantities of workloads.

Turbopack Speed

💠 4x faster cold starts than Webpack

Because Turbopack just packs the assets needed for development, startup time is exceptionally fast. Turbopack boots up in 1.8 seconds, while Vite takes 11.4 seconds.

💠 Lightning-fast HMR

Regardless of the size of your app, Hot Module Replacement (HMR) remains fast.

💠 Ecosystem friendly

It will natively support React Server Components, as well as TypeScript, JSX, CSS, CSS Modules, WebAssembly, and other languages. Turbopack will eventually also power Next.js production builds, both locally and in the cloud.

Try out the alpha of Turbopack in Next.js 13 today with next dev --turbo .


Thanks for reading. I explained the 4 major reasons to love turbopack. If any query occurs feel free to ask in the comment section.

See you next time.


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