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How To Install Oracle Database 19c In Windows


Oracle provides a multi-model database management system including high-performance versions of databases. While exploring new databases, Today, we will check out how to install Oracle Database 19c on Windows easily.

Installing Oracle Database

First, download Oracle database 19c from their official website ( Choose the Windows x64 version which provides Enterprise Edition as well as Standard Edition 2. After downloading, a zip file will be installed on your computer which you have to unzip and place on the root of your drives (C:/ or D:/).

Installing Oracle Database

After double-clicking the setup.exe, the Oracle command prompt will start up which will further open your setup wizard.
Oracle cmd

Step 1: Select Configuration Option

Select the option "Create and configure a single instance database".

Select Configuration Option

Step 2: Select System Class

Choose the first option "Desktop Class" and click the Next button.

Select System Class

Step 3: Specify Oracle Home User

Choose the option - "Use Virtual Account"

Step 4: Typical Install Configuration

Choose the directory for Oracle base. Select Database edition as "Enterprise Edition". Then edit your password to click Next.

Typical Install Configuration

Step 5: Perform Prerequisite Checks

Oracle will check your system for available space. If succeeded, click Next.

Perform Prerequisite Checks

Step 6: Summary

A summary will be displayed. Click Next.


Step 7: Install Product

Product installation will begin and it will take some time to complete the setup.

Install Product

Step 8: Finish

Once installation completes successfully, the installer will inform you as shown in the following screenshot. Click the Close button to close the window.


Finally, You can open this URL (https://localhost:5500/em) to open the Oracle database manager.

Oracle database manager

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Thanks for reading!

To conclude, We have looked into how to install Oracle database 19c. In the next blog, we will see how to play with this database. If any query occurs feel free to ask in the comment section.

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